Moth Removal, Gloucestershire 

The two most common types of moths are: 

The Clothes Moth, Case & Bearing Clothes Moth are mainly a pest on carpets with all or some wool content or clothes. It is the larvae of that causes the damage (these are grubs) the adults do not feed on wool at all but on pollen & nectar.  
Adult moths don’t usually feed at all, just mate, lay eggs & then die. It is usually undisturbed areas of carpets or clothes that have not been worn for a long time that are attacked. Often when a piece of standing furniture is moved you may notice damage or when a not often used item of clothing is removed from storage damage is noticed. 
Food or pantry moths eat stored food products in kitchens and larder storage areas. 
Some moths are stored product pests, like the Indian meal moth. These will infest items such as cereal, flour and dog biscuits, leaving webbing, larvae and pupal cases in your lunch! 
You will know that you have a moth infestation by noticing the damage they have caused to fabrics or you will see them. 
For moth infestations, particularly in or around businesses, we would always recommend contacting a professional pest management company. We are trained in moth identification and control, and have access to a range of professional use insecticides and tools which are not available to the public. As pest professionals, we implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy for getting rid of and preventing infestations. This will include surveying, monitoring and hygiene advice. If necessary, it can also include chemical control such as residual insecticides. 


Fun fact: there are many adult species of moth that don’t even have mouthparts. 
Our Effective Moth Control Services 
Never allow a moth problem to grow out of control. Moths are known for breeding quickly. So, if you see signs of them in or around your property, you can almost guarantee that the pest will not be alone.  
Our moth removal experts can attend your address to assess the problem to provide the best recommendation for your needs. Our fully trained and insured professionals can offer a variety of effective methods for moth control, such as specialist surveys, eradication and proofing.  
Why Gooch Pest Control? 
We can provide a professional solution. 
We are a family run company with more than 30 years’ experience, so rest assured we will provide a discreet, professional and dependable moth control and removal service. 
Simply give us a call on 01242 528 564 to arrange for a local expert to visit your property and provide a tailored treatment. You can trust that we will endeavour to eradicate the problem from your home or business as soon as possible. 
For an initial no obligation consultation and site survey, please get in touch. 
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