Rat and Mice Removal, Gloucestershire 

Removing Rats In My House 

Rats have a persistent nature and will gnaw their way through metal to gain access to your property. The troublesome pests can also enter through the smallest gap in a building, which could be as small as two inches in diameter. Once they have entered, there is a danger they will damage your premises, contaminate food and spread diseases. For example, they will be more than happy to gnaw their way through your floorboards, doors, insulation, and pipes – just like mice. 
What’s more, they may contaminate foodstuffs, as rat urine and droppings often contain pathogens that can transmit various serious or fatal diseases, such as rat bite fever, salmonellosis and Weil’s disease (leptospirosis). It is, therefore, imperative to hire professional rodent control services to say goodbye to rats from your property once and for all, and protect the health of your loved ones or the public. 

Removing Mice In My House 

Like rats, mice are not selective about where they set up home, which is why they can be found anywhere from a domestic property, business premises or a public venue. Not only can they cause much distress, but they can also be harmful to your health, as the rodents can spread diseases during their search for shelter and food. For this reason, they can pose a serious health risk in kitchens and food storage areas, and can impact a company’s health and safety, as well as their reputation. 
In addition to damaging your health, mice can potentially damage your property, as they will happily gnaw at pipes, floorboards, doors and insulation. What’s more, they will shred softer items for nesting. It’s also possible for mice to endanger the lives of others, as they may chew electrical wiring in a property or vehicle, which may cause a fire. Rats and mice can get into your property through a really small hole (just 4mm for mice, and 8mm for rats!). In addition, if you have mice in your property, they can attack the cables in your car - which could be fatal! 
Spot the Signs 
There are many signs that you might have a rodent problem. For example, you may hear scratching noises, discover small droppings, find rat holes or notice grease marks on surfaces. Other signs include the smell of ammonia, gnaw marks and shredded materials. 
Rats and mice also love to burrow in warm, dark spaces, so they can easily live in any nook or cranny within your property. You can, therefore, expect to find them behind kitchen appliances and furniture or inside attics, basements, cavity walls, eaves and cellars. 
As rats and mice are nocturnal, you are more likely to discover signs of a rodent infestation than an actual rat or mouse – so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you suspect you have an infestation. 

Gooch Pest Control supply and fit the Ratflap® 

This innovative product provides a permanent, simple, cheap solution to the problem of rats in sewers. 
This device prevents rats from moving from the main sewer into the pipes servicing your property. 
The Ratflap® will also stop these rats from breaking out of a damaged pipe underground. 
The Ratflap® can be placed in either the upstream or downstream location inside your waste system by simply fitting the device in the chosen pipe, so it is very quick and easy to install. 
Our Effective Rodent Services 
Never allow a rodent problem to grow out of control. Rats are known for breeding quickly. So, if you see in or on your property, you can almost guarantee the pest will not be alone. As soon as you spot a rat, you should hire a professional rat removal Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. 
Our rodent removal experts can attend your address to assess the problem to provide the best recommendation for your needs. Our fully trained and insured professionals can offer a variety of effective methods for rat control, such as specialist surveys, eradication and proofing.  
Not only will we successfully eliminate the pests from your premises, but we will also remove all rodent carcasses from your domestic or commercial space if required.  
We also understand you will never want to hire our rodent control services again, which is why we will proof the property to make sure the pests do not return. You can trust your home will be rat-free once the eradication process is complete. 
Why Gooch Pest Control? 
It is important not to panic if you discover a rat or mouse or a potential rodent infestation on your property, as we can provide a professional solution. 
We are a family run company with more than 30 years’ experience, so rest assured we will provide a discreet, professional and dependable rodent control service. Simply give us a call on 01242 528 564 to arrange for a local expert to visit your property and provide a tailored treatment. We also understand that finding a rodent infestation on your property can be distressing, which is why we also provide an out-of-hours service. You can trust that we will endeavour to eradicate the problem from your home or business as soon as possible. 
For an initial no obligation consultation and site survey, please get in touch. 
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