Mole Removal, Gloucestershire 

Moles tunnel using their large two front paws to scrape away the earth and feel along tunnels with their snouts and whiskers. Because of the absence of light within their living conditions, moles have very poor eyesight so very rarely will you see mole activity above ground but you will see the mounds of earth pop up. 
In rural areas especially, moles can cause considerable damage to your garden/land by tunnelling through the soil. With heavy infestations, the ground can become unstable, and holes may appear not only damaging the foundations of your property but also creating safety risks. 

How to get rid of Moles 

Professional pest control is needed for these pests. Methods such as tunnel trapping can be used by a professional to control these pests. Tunnel trapping must be done with care as moles can easily detect disturbance of the tunnel and will avoid the area. 
Did you know? 
A mole can dig up to 20 metres of tunnel in a day using its spade-like forepaws to effectively breaststroke its way through the soil. Every now and again, loose soil is pushed up to the surface, resulting in what we see as a mole hill. 
Our Effective Mole Services 
Never allow a mole problem to grow out of control. Moles are known for breeding quickly. So, if you see one in or on your property, you can almost guarantee the pest will not be alone. As soon as you spot a mole, you should hire a professional mole removal service. 
Our mole removal experts can attend your address to assess the problem to provide the best recommendation for your needs. Our fully trained and insured professionals can offer a variety of effective methods for mole control, such as specialist surveys, eradication and proofing.  
Not only will we successfully eliminate the pests from your premises, but we will also remove all mole carcasses from your domestic or commercial space if required.  
Why Gooch Pest Control? 
It is important not to panic if you discover a mole or a potential mole infestation on your property, as we can provide a professional solution. 
We are a family run company with more than 30 years’ experience, so rest assured we will provide a discreet, professional and dependable mole control service. Simply give us a call on 01242 528 564 to arrange for a local expert to visit your property and provide a tailored treatment. We also understand that finding a mole infestation on your property can be distressing, which is why we also provide an out-of-hours service. You can trust that we will endeavour to eradicate the problem from your home or business as soon as possible. 
For an initial no obligation consultation and site survey, please get in touch. 
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