Flea Treatment, Gloucestershire 

Fleas are a common pest problem often found in homes across the country, especially in properties with pets. It is also possible to have a flea problem even if you do not have any pets, as the issue may even arise if previous property owners kept dogs or cats. They can also be carried into the home from hairy animals, such as rabbits, rats, mice, foxes, squirrels or livestock. 
The Danger of Fleas 
The biggest concern most people have about the presence of fleas within their domestic or commercial property is bites. While they are often not painful, they may cause an uncomfortable and unsightly rash. What’s more, pets may also develop an allergy to fleas’ saliva, and their bites could affect a dog or cat’s quality of life. 
Signs You Need a Flea Treatment 
It can be difficult to spot fleas due to their small size. However, what they lack in size they make up for in an annoying bite, which can make their presence known to both pets and humans. There are a multitude of signs that your home may have a flea problem. 
In addition to a rash, your dog or cat may experience visible discomfort from the flea bites, as a pet may constantly bite at their fur or incessantly scratch. It is also very common for the pests to appear in homes during the hot summer months, and there are a variety of fleas that could be invading your home, such as cat, dog, bird or human fleas. 
Professional Flea Removal Services 
Gooch Pest Control Services is a family run business, so you can trust we understand the importance of running a flee-free home. 
We utilise our 30-year history to provide our customers with professional, dependable and affordable flea treatments in Cheltenham and its surrounding areas. We can successfully treat a flea infestation at your property with powerful insecticides, so you can eliminate those pesky bugs from your home or commercial space. 
Our Talented Experts 
We only employ skilled, experienced and knowledgeable pest controllers to eliminate fleas and other pests from your domestic or commercial premises.  
Every expert is fully licensed and insured to provide exceptional treatments every time, and each have gained a certificate following the successful completion of Killgerm pest control courses. You can, therefore, trust that our pest controllers will have the expertise to provide the best treatment option for your property’s needs. It is also advisable for people to prevent fleas from entering their home once again. For example, place all pet bedding and their materials in a washing machine at a high temperature. You should also bathe your pet with a flea shampoo, and you can also use an insect growth regulator to stunt recently hatched larvae. 
Are you looking for a flea removal service? 
Please do not hesitate to give us a call here at Gooch Pest Control Services on 01242 528 564, and we are also happy to provide an emergency treatment service out-of-hours upon request. 
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